Gareth Sayers Showreel
Carrot Chase - By Gareth Sayers
Los Lobos Del Diablo - Animation By Gareth Sayers
The Perils of Childhood - Animated by Gareth Sayers
BMW Vehicle Wrap - Motion Graphics and Editing for Freestyle Designs, Bath
Proud to Pay - Created for Luke Tregidgo
Freestyle Designs Animation
E4 Estings Prize Winner 2009 - The E4 Machine
In Case of Wolf by Gareth Sayers, Animation Test
Phone Henge Visual - Created for Digital Druids
Let It Snow
Coins dropped into jar Lightwave 3D
E4 E Stings 2015 Entry - E4 Pants - by Gareth Sayers
The Rabbits Name Was.. by Gareth Sayers
Daffodil Life Study - Lightwave 3D
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